How to nail your customer avatars

With businesses having to pivot again to deal with lockdown 3.0, it may be time to reassess who your target customer is. Is your offering what your customers / prospects need right now? Have their priorities changed? If so, perhaps you to need to either find new solutions for them or generate leads for a different type of customer that you can serve. Read on to find out how to nail your customer avatars to build better relationships that grow your business.

Customer avatars can be tricky to get your head around, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Natasha Reynolds, founder of Knead Digital takes you through the steps of how to get started mapping out who your customer is and what their needs are.

One way to do this is to create / update your customer avatars. These are profiles that can help you to target and convert the right customers, by understanding what they care about. In the longer term, this can also drive customer loyalty.

Essentially, what you’re looking at is creating a persona (or personas) of attributes based on your understanding of your customers or potential customers.

Profile considerations
Demographics: age, gender, location, family, employment and financial status. You might even draw a picture of them!
Behaviours: interests, hobbies, what keeps them up at night, aspirations, inspirations, where they shop, what they read, where they can be found online.
Most importantly, what are their pain points? Why they would consider your product or service to be a solution for them?

Armed with this info, you can finetune your offering and comms. It will also give you keywords that you can use when generating ads, promotions or blogs etc.

Data collection:
✔️ Interviews – recorded if permission is given. Have a list of questions to the ready and LISTEN as well as taking notes.
✔️ Surveys – easily done online.
✔️ Analyse your CRM system.
✔️ Review your competitor’s customers.
✔️ If all else fails, and you consider yourself to be someone who would buy your product then start with you!

You can always update and modify as your knowledge grows!

My experience as a Market Research Manager and a Consumer Insights Manager, means that I have the skills to help you strategically pivot your offering during these troubling times. Fill out the contact form now to find out how.

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