Repurpose your content with Purpose

Want to save time when creating content for your online presence? No problem! It’s easy to do. Read on to find out how.

No, it isn’t a crime to reuse content that has previously been published. Clever and purposeful use of your content is the key to maintaining consistency online. A blog can turn into a post, a pin, a podcast, a newsletter or email etc.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to repurposing content across your social media platforms. As long as what you are repurposing is relevant. It needs to be relevant to a new audience, different time, current pain points and indeed is modified to suit the different platforms. This might mean updating and refreshing the content – in fact I’d advise that.

An Instagram post can easily become a Pin on Pinterest, as can a blog or vlog. So can a Facebook Live or article.

If you’re able to plan this multipurpose use of your content in advance, then you should be able to batch create and schedule at least some of it. Keeping both your audience and the algorithms happy! Just remember to check it is right for the here and now as well as having the right formatting specs.

With respect to the current pandemic, another tip I’d suggest is for you to check out the content that did well for you during the earlier lockdowns. Are there any that performed so well that you could refresh and repurpose them now? You can refresh them with new images or video and updating the text. Just make sure that it continues to either: inspire, entertain or educate your audience so that you continue to build that know, like and trust factor.

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